ABC News: Boys is too Militant!

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Each Wednesday I publish one of my old columns that I hope will be interesting, informative, instructive, and sometimes inspiring. Today’s column was first published in 2005.

Evolution is a confused, convoluted, and contradictory theory that is unreasonable, unscientific, and unbiblical. And in trouble! Creationism has been denigrated and denied, but not disproved. Evolutionists know that if God created everything, it means they will one day give an account to that God whose laws they have dismissed and disobeyed. So the battle continues.

The hypocrites on the left are very dedicated to the principles of diversity and tolerance except in a few matters such as abortion, homosexuality, and scientific creationism. There, diversity is unnecessary and tolerance unthinkable. The loonies on the left tell anyone who will listen that ideas can’t hurt children, even in the lowest grades, so expose them to vulgarity, immorality, perversion, anti-Americanism, etc., since it is good for children to hear different views. However, that does not hold true when it comes to the above hot-button issues. Wonder why? That is one reason why I believe that liberals are the biggest hypocrites in America.

Almost all evolutionists want to start the debate with Darwin’s warm little pond where the process is alleged to have started: slime to slug to sloth to scholar. Or to put it another way, from molecules to mollusks to monkeys to man. However, it all didn’t start at a warm little pond (for which there is not a scintilla of evidence), but with the universe. When, where, and how did energy, matter, and time start? After I hear a few evolutionists tell me, “Well, we don’t know,” then we will go to the mythical pond and discuss man’s origin.

Major journals have cranked out hysterical propaganda to do damage control for the Americans United for Separation for Church and State (who recently had their annual meeting in a New Jersey telephone booth), PAW, National Center for Science Education, ACLU, and assorted atheists, agnostics, and associates. Galloping to the rescue of overwhelmed evolutionists came Time, Newsweek, USA Today, New York Times, and others spouting untrue, unfair, unscientific drivel to con the gullible public into believing the humbuggery of evolution and that those who advocate creationism are Bible thumping fanatics. (I almost never thump my Bible and when I do it is not really hard.)

Evolutionists trot out weary accusations against creationists, implying all are “fundamentalists” (gasp!), always denigrating them, often suggesting a belief in a flat earth! Really desperate evolutionists even suggest that we carry a bag of rattlesnakes to church each Sunday! I am shocked, shocked that educated scientists would stoop so low. This is further proof, if it is needed, that many scientists are asinine, arrogant, and audacious bigots in defending their religious philosophy called evolution. Of course, bigots are as easy to find in a secular university as a bowling ball in a bathtub.

ScienceWeek (Jan. 23) displayed obvious bigotry (note their title) with their editorial “Creationism vs. sanity” when they accused creationists of being primitive thinkers who “believe the Earth is as flat as a pancake,…resting on the backs of four giant elephants.” To think they killed a tree to print such tripe. How could a responsible scientific journal permit something like that to be published? Of course, it was in defense of their religion—evolution.

Last week, another USA Today writer suggested people of faith could justify “anything in the name of dogma. Let’s not teach our children to burn witches, please.” That is outrageous plus inaccurate. Not one witch was ever burned in the U.S. Witch burning took place in Scotland, England, etc.

Also New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd mocked a classy 25-million dollar Creation Museum being established near the Cincinnati airport by Answers in Genesis. Mocking Christian creationists is acceptable but mocking a religion of hate is anathema. Wonder why?

Andrew Kantor, columnist for USA expressed sorrow for the Cincinnati area, calling the creation museum a “national embarrassment,” using buzz words such as “lies,” “distortions,” “gullible,” “scary,” and “silly.” Responsible journalism, huh?

Oxford biologist, Richard Dawkins, a famous proponent of diversity, balance, fairness and civility opined that creationists were “ignorant, stupid or insane—or wicked.” He called us feeble-minded, pathetic, and intellectual cavemen in his book, The Blind Watchmaker. In a November 1983 article, published in the Times Literary Supplement, Dawkins called us a “gang of ignorant crackpots.” There, isn’t that kind, fair, and civil? See what I mean when I say that many evolutionists are as mean as a junkyard dog.

Stephen J. Gould (evolutionist, Marxist, and Harvard professor—three strikes and you’re out!) now deceased and no longer an evolutionist, Marxist or professor, called creationists “kooky,” “yahoos,” and “latter-day antediluvians.” But Steve would never consent to debate one of the “yahoos”!

Isaac Asimov showed his hatred and bigotry (hatred and bigotry on the left!) when he wrote that creationists “…are stupid, lying people who are not to be trusted in any way.”

With the above vicious libel of creationists, ABC News, after commissioning me to write an anti-evolution piece for their website, refused to use it because I was “too militant!” No, I was too accurate and had too much sting. They wanted a mild piece so they could point to it and say, “See, we are balanced. We provided a forum for the other side.” But they did not want a challenge to the “other side.” Evolutionists must never be presented as fools, fanatics, fakers, and frauds but creationists can be presented as inept, incompetent, and insane! That is dishonest and the major media wonder why they have been abandoned by thinking people!

Even an Oxford professor can understand the reason.

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