American Ambassador Sodomized Before His Death!

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On Sept. 12, Americans awakened to learn that Muslim fanatics had attacked the American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. We now know that the ambassador was viciously sodomized before his death! It proved once again (although no informed, honest person needed it) that those Muslims are vile, vicious, and violent barbarians.

My first reaction (after thinking about how “peaceful” Islam is) was, “Where were the Marine guards? How many fanatics did they kill?” We will not hear about any brave Marine guards killed in the attack or the hundreds of fanatics they sent to Paradise because the Marines were not there. At the same time, White House Senior Advisor and Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett was on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and had a full Secret Service detail of six agents for 24 hours a day!

Let me see if I understand: an unimportant advisor to Obama (whom no one knows) has full protection but U.S. representatives in a backward nation, known for violence, must depend on Muslim fanatics to protect them! And none dare call it treason, oh well, maybe incompetence. Whatever, heads should roll.

Some officials have blood on their hands. I refer to Obama and Hillary! Hillary should do as past (long past) cabinet members have done when they disgraced America or their administration: they fall on their sword by resigning and getting a job they can handle. I suggest that Hillary go back home and bake cookies and clean the house for Bill’s eventual return. As for Obama, Chicago needs many more community organizers.

It seems the Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter with some desperate days ahead for the whole Middle East. Maybe if Obama had not missed so many intelligence briefings (playing golf) he might have pulled our people out of the hot spots before the riots.

Was this because a California Jew made a film telling the truth about Mohammed and Islam; or was it an attack to celebrate the 9/11 anniversary? The Department of Justice is investigating the filmmaker! Yep, the loonies are in control. It seems no one ever asks, “Did he tell the truth about Mohammed and Islam?” And even if he did not, this is still America. Why should we apologize to barbarians because someone made a film, truthful or not? The film maker and his family are now is hiding from Muslim fanatics because Muslim leaders issued a fatwa giving directions and permission for the killing of the director, producer, and all the actors. In America, the land of the free and the home of the brave! Get used to it if shariah law takes hold in the U.S.

If the filmmaker should be investigated about his film work, what about all the distortions, dishonesty, and dissimulations of the main stream media? How about an investigation of them? After all, the Federal Communications Commission is supposed to have oversight and some control over the broadcast media. However, the media run amuck with lies and distortions.

I have been critical of some past “hot dog” responses by our government entities that displayed an excessive macho image; however, I am adamant that when Americans are killed and American property is attacked, the U.S. must respond in a swift, sure, and severe way.

Obama made a lame response, but then, the attackers are his soul brothers. They were doing Allah’s bidding! Obama should get on national television and yell at the Muslim world, “I’m mad as h… and I’m not going to take it anymore.” He would win the hearts of Americans and their votes.

But don’t count on it.

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