An Open Letter to Dr. Rick Warren!

Rick, after I mentioned you in a column, Cal Thomas was concerned and suggested I contact you about your positions. He was convinced that you would be willing to help me and respond to my concerns. Many preachers take kind rebukes and corrections as a jealous, mean-spirited attack on their ministry. That is not my motive.

You have often mentioned that your critics never contact you as required in Matthew 18 before they criticize you in print; however, you refuse to participate in Matt. 18 ministry. I sent you an email on Jan. 13 and I received a note that someone would be in touch with me about my concerns but I never heard from you or one of your spokesmen.

I am thrilled that you have baptized 46,000 converts in 36 years! Obviously, you must be doing something right. However, is it possible that you might be doing something wrong?

Cal sent me your comments about my column, “American Churches Have Lost their Sense of Shame!” and I assure you I want to be accurate and fair even if we totally disagree as to how ministry should be done. I know what it is to be misquoted so I will appreciate your cooperation.

I am Baptist, author, columnist, former writer of columns for USA Today, and former member of the Indiana House of Representatives. Cal suggested that you would be willing to make sure I had up-to-date information before I send my column to various Internet sources. My columns have been published on websites such as Canada Free Press, WorldNetDaily, Barbed Wire, Conservative Truth, Free Republic, the Olive Branch Report, Capitol Hill Outsider, Publius Forum, and many others.

I know you are far busier than I am and I appreciate any information that will make my comments accurate and balanced. All but the last two questions can be answered with yes or no.

*Did you address the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and did you chide them for their support of Muslim terrorists?

*Have you ever publically demanded or even suggested that Muslims repudiate sharia and jihad; sexual mutilation of girls; honor killings for being “too non-Muslim”; killing of those who reject Islam and trust Christ; etc.?

*Your photo hugging Muslim Cat Stevens is famous but isn’t it dangerous to not make clear that you do not support his extreme position on the threat to kill Rushdie? And his statement, “I’m praying to Allah to give us victory over the kuffar.”? Do you want a Muslim victory over non-Muslims?

*Was it wise to share the platform with Muslim extremists without any rebuke to them and no explanation to the public of your disapproval of their false teaching?

*There would be a similar issue with your hugging Elton John and your statement about the “kiss heard round the world.” Isn’t that too frivolous and giving aid and comfort to homosexuals when they demand their “right” to be accepted regardless of their perverse lifestyle?

*Have you stated publically that the homosexual lifestyle is evil and should be eschewed?

*Do you believe that Mormonism is a part of Christianity?

*Would you share the platform with KKK leaders?

*Do you think the Apostles would have remained quiet about the Gospel of Christ if they spoke to Jewish or Muslim groups? Steven was not concerned with “building bridges” when he told the Pharisees that Christ was their only hope. In fact, he declared, “Ye stiffnecked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.” Do you ever think it is appropriate to preach the same thing today?

*Is it wise to favorably mention Roman Catholic mystics without any disclaimers?

*Do you think the Reformation was a mistake? Are you trying to reverse it with your close association with the Pope and other Roman Catholic leaders?

*Do you ever obey Titus 2:15: “These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority.”

*Paul the Apostle commanded, “Come out from among them.” When is it right to follow that command?

*How do you respond to your incorrect claim that your book is “the best selling non-fiction hardback book in history”? I heard you say that twice and you were quoted saying it in a WND interview. You also said in that interview, “I always own up to mistakes.” Here is your chance. Please provide the date and page number of Publishers Weekly that you referenced as proof of your boast.

Rick, like most Evangelicals, seems to want a religion that is brief, bright, and brotherly but ended up with one that is meek, mild and motherly. That always results in a flawed message, method, and maybe, motive.

So sad.

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