Ben Carson is a Creationist–Gasp!

Mainline media moguls are concerned that Dr. Ben Carson is a Creationist thereby deserving of ridicule. Time magazine and Fox News were astounded that he is a Creationist. Not a child molester but almost as bad. Even Geraldo Rivera took time from taking drunken half-naked selfies to cast aspersions upon the highly courageous, cultured, and courteous candidate for President. The fact is that some of the most prestigious scientists in the world have been (and are) critics of evolution. Evolution is a farce and fraud believed by fools and fanatics.

Evolution, while perhaps being conceivable, has not been confirmed and never will be. But most evolutionists are not interested in testing the gradualism of Darwin but rather in protecting their dubious hypothesis. You can imagine the academic chaos if most scholars would admit that evolution never happened!

World famous scientists Sir Fred Hoyle and C. Wickramasinghe admitted, “The general scientific world has been bamboozled into believing that evolution has been proved. Nothing could be further from the truth.” One chapter in their book is titled, “The evolutionary record leaks like a sieve,” and they provide a long list of biological objections to evolution, then claim, “These conclusions dispose of Darwin.” But not for the fanatics in their ivory towers and news rooms.

What would it do to every secular university science faculty if creationism were accepted and evolution proved a fraud? Evolutionists would finally be recognized as unscholarly, unwanted, and unnecessary. And maybe they would become unemployed! They would fall into the same category as flat-earthers, phrenologists, astrologers and snake handlers! (That is exactly my attitude toward the soothsayers of science.)

The museums of the world would have to make some major changes in their displays and propaganda. Their pitchmen would have to memorize new “facts” for their canned speeches.

Public schools would have to retrain their science teachers, and most of their science films and textbooks would have to be destroyed.

Bigoted judges who have ruled in favor of the myth-tellers would feel the sting of public embarrassment and join the ranks of the unemployed. Most likely, they would simply open up shop as attorneys and that’s what we really need–more attorneys!

With evolution in disfavor, scientists would no longer seek to confirm the theory of evolution (now presumed to be a fact before beginning an investigation!), and they could get on with the business of true science. Scientists would no longer see only what is “respectable and acceptable,” and would look at the evidence, making judgments based on that evidence even if it contradicted popular theory. They would decide that truth is more important than denigrating, denying, and denouncing Creationists.

Clergymen and theologians would sheepishly have to apologize to their followers for leading them into the swamps of theistic evolution, day-age theory, gap theory, and other unscriptural nonsense. Such religious leaders might once again preach that the Bible is reliable in toto as Creationists have been saying for many years.

Publishers of evolutionary tripe would, well, go out of business or start publishing New Age ranting, oriental religious musings, or the sexual fantasies of the latest pop star. Or, better yet, Barack Obama’s Things I Did to Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize qualifying as the shortest book in literary history.

I can see an assortment of prestigious scientists, clergymen, professors, publishers, film makers, media personalities, and others holding a televised news conference where they apologize profusely to the youth of the world for teaching fraud, falsehood, fakery, and foolishness while calling it fact. Many of the mainline media would have to apologize to Carson and other Christians who declare that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Now, a word of advice: Don’t hold your breath for that news conference to take place. It won’t, because many evolutionists are vain, venal, and venomous people. They are especially venomous when dealing with or discussing Creationists. If you don’t think so then read what the number one atheist/evolutionist in the free world Richard Dawkins declares. He foams at the mouth in his hatred for God and wiping away the foam he wrote, “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homo-phobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalo-maniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” He adds that the God of the Old Testament was “an evil monster.”

Dawkins is so acrimonious, angry, and abhorrent that some honest atheists are ashamed to be identified with him as I document in my just published book, The God Haters.

Dawkins is dishonest in that he misstates and mischaracterizes Christian beliefs in order to take a shot, but then he usually fires a blank as when he declared that if you really take the Bible seriously, you will “strictly observe the Sabbath and think it just and proper to execute anyone who chose not to.” He knows that is an outrageous lie but he continues to parrot it and is too lazy or incompetent to correct it. Or he is too dishonest to admit his lie. Take your choice: lazy, incompetent, or dishonest. Has to be one of the three.

Dawkins, like most New Atheists and many evolutionists, is a brash, boastful, bully who needs to find a new way to make a living–confusing young minds is not a principled thing but it is profitable.

Dawkins and most evolutionists will not admit that evolution is a fraud since that is their claim to fame and their meal ticket. The demise of evolution would move them from their ivory towers to the unemployment lines and a repudiation of their life’s work. They are interested in promoting myths, not correcting them. They won’t even try to correct the enduring myth (started by Washington Irving’s best seller about Columbus in 1828) that almost everyone believed the Earth was flat until Galileo. Scholars and the general public knew the world was a sphere long before the birth of Christ! However, most schools, public and Christian, still teach Irving’s myth today!

Principle would also require atheists to refuse any further book royalties and that they will not do. When evolution is dead the gravy train stops and evolutionists will have to look for work!

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