Dedicated Christians Cannot Support “Gay” Marriage!

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It seems everyone has missed the issue concerning Christians’ support of same-sex “marriage.” We have no problem selling a cake to homosexuals but we cannot, we dare not give any kind of approval of their sin. The Bible clearly warns us to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” To approve any evil is to partake in their evil deeds. We cannot to that. Not only must we not do the evil thing but we must reprove them. We will sell them a meal in our restaurant but will not cater their “wedding” reception or bake a cake declaring “The Bible Supports Same-sex Marriage!” Is that too hard to understand?

Let me be very clear: no informed, honest Christian can ever, under any circumstances, accept, approve, or applaud “gay” marriage or any other abnormal behavior. Never, even if there is a loss of income, home, job, or threat of prison! The non-thinkers and bigots will accuse me of bigotry followed by their usual diatribe but that is not an answer. The Homosexual Lobby’s policy is if we don’t approve them then they accuse and attack our lack of tolerance! Hypocrites!

It has nothing to do with hate, envy, fear, or twisted thinking, but a dedication to truth. Sodomy is evil, wrong, wicked, sinful, corrupt, perverse, bad, immoral, depraved, decadent, dissolute, debauched, and disgusting. And whether I’m writing in love or hate doesn’t change the facts.

Homosexual behavior has been forbidden since the beginning of time by every religion and every civilization. Even during the “Golden Age” of the Greeks, homosexuality was rather common among the ruling class and the philosophers. The common people had enough sense to know that such activity was contrary to nature and could destroy the human race.

It is not a matter of forbidding one person to love another because we should love everyone! I love people (even people I don’t like!) enough to tell them the truth about perversion and other matters. Love everyone but don’t sleep with everyone! To do otherwise is obviously abnormal, abominable, and awful.

The Homosexual Lobby has taken control of America with the collusion of the media moguls. Even “Christian” churches, colleges, and conventions have been snookered by the loony left. No one wants to appear unkind, unreasonable, or be unemployed; so, religious leaders have climbed on the bandwagon to perdition with a modern Bible version in their hands and a whining, spurious prayer on their lips.

Christian businesspeople have lost the right to practice their beliefs so that a bunch of homosexuals will not get their feelings hurt! It is not a crime to offend someone! Let me be very clear: do not discriminate is not one of the Ten Commandments. Even if it were, those beating the homosexual drum usually don’t obey the original Ten! But that crowd has far more faith in a commandment that does not exist than for the Ten that do exist and for which we all will be held accountable.

Think about it: a person risks his or her money to start a business, works day and night to get it going, and while risking everything is then asked to do something that endorses, encourages, and emboldens a lifestyle that is contrary to his or her sincerely held religious beliefs. He will sell to and service anyone but to certify or accredit sinful behavior he will not do. And may lose everything for acting according to his beliefs. No honest, informed person says that that was part of early America. Those who declare otherwise have perverted truth. We are castigated if we do not “love” homosexuals but they don’t have to love us whom they call “homophobes”!

Non-thinkers compare the civil rights demonstrators sitting at a lunch counter to “gays” being refused an endorsement of their lifestyle by a cake or photographs. It appears that constant media exposure is rotting the brains of people. I’m sure perversion does.

But forcing Christians to act contrary to their beliefs is not only a threat to religious belief. It is a matter of personal rights even apart from religion. In the “old days” an American could choose his own friends, belong to whatever organizations he desired, and disagree with (even ridicule) political, religious, or academic groups without fear. He might be considered a little odd but it was legal to be odd in the old days.

If that “odd” American started a business he could choose to serve anyone he wanted. If a barber especially liked to cut red hair that was somewhat odd but he could choose to cut only red hair–and soon go out of business. But that was his right as an American.

If a lawyer chose to represent only the Irish or Jews or Italians or Germans, that was his right. After all, this was America. He had a right to not like other people. It was not Christian, but it was an American’s right.

A businessperson could hire whomever he chose and pay whatever salary they agreed on with whatever benefits or no benefits. The owner could set the working hours and the employee could work those hours or not. It was America. The owner did not have to get permission from the city or state to start his business and did not have to give an account how the business was run. As long as he paid the applicable taxes.

In recent days we have seen the governors of Indiana and Arkansas show cowardice in face of the Homosexual Lobby. Governor Pence committed political suicide when he cowed to the screaming homosexuals who bullied, badgered, and browbeat him. If he can’t stand up to perverts, he sure can’t stand up to Putin.

The weak, wobbly, and wimpy politicians, including judges, have destroyed personal rights and religious rights. They have put our nation in a place where there is nothing but conflict, confusion, and chaos ahead.

Of course, a Christian baker or photographer or flower shop should not be forced to celebrate perversion. Nor should a Muslim baker be forced to bake a cake celebrating a homosexual wedding, or the ACLU or similar group be forced to publish an ad in their magazine titled, “Senator Joe McCarthy Was Right!” Or how about a Jewish baker being forced to bake a cake for a Nazi party? How about a homosexual baker being forced to bake a cake with “Same-sex Marriage is Perversion!” for Westboro Baptist Church? Or an atheist printer being forced to print a gospel tract titled “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation!”? Whatever happened to freedom?

Frankly, any businessperson should be permitted to refuse service for any reason unless his business was financed by a state or federal loan. Of course, I don’t believe any entity of government has any constitutional right to lend money. That’s why we have banks.

The city of Coeur d”Alene, Idaho informed the Hitching Post wedding chapel that they must perform same-sex “marriage;” however the preachers refused and sued the city. The city fathers backed down following the suit. Here is where Christians have failed: we have the same rights as others and we should have swamped the courts with aggressive lawsuits against those who slander, harass, and intimidate us.

Recently a Christian asked thirteen major “gay” bakers to make a cake: “Gay Marriage is Wrong” and all refused and some even were insulting and threatening. He should sue every baker.

The issue is not sexual rights but the obsessive desire by the Homosexual Lobby to suppress Christians’ freedom of religion. Homosexuals will brook no disagreement and in this new America they have more rights than normal, decent people.

Homosexuals want acceptance of their beliefs but refuse Christians that same right. They want to have their cake and eat it too. That can’t be done, just as Christians cannot compromise and become an enabler of perversion.  Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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