Evangelical Jim Wallis Jumps into the Depths of Demagoguery: Proves His Racism!

Jim Wallis is a loosey-goosey religious leader who has been leading foolish followers out into left field in recent years. Jim used the tragedy in Sanford, Florida as an excuse to jump into the diseased depths of demagoguery where he is still trying to keep his head above the stinking, swirling water. If Jim would stop struggling, I could pull him out to safety.

Jim referred to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and suggested it failed Trayvon Martin. King’s desire to have everyone judged by their character rather than the color of their skin is one of the most awesome thoughts ever spoken. (Of course, some of King’s famous 1963 speech was “borrowed” from another preacher, Archibald Carey, who delivered it at the 1952 Republican National Convention! Some of King’s defenders call his plagiarism “voice merging” that is “common” among Black preachers!) Leaving that scandal for a later column, judging people by their character is still an awesome concept that all civilized people should espouse.

Wallis wrote that Zimmerman followed Trayvon “because of the color of his skin.” No one on earth knows whether that is true except Zimmerman and it is irrational demagoguery to declare it. Does any honest person think Zimmerman would not have followed a white man acting as Trayvon did? After all, there had been burglaries and Zimmerman was a community watcher. (I don’t suppose that rises to the level of community organizer!) Moreover, it was dark and rainy and Trayvon was walking close to and looking into the houses (according to Zimmerman) and Zimmerman was doing his job as a watchman that any citizen should have done in the interest of helping protect neighbors and friends.

Jim sinks deeper into the swamp of demagoguery when he adds that “a child was killed by an adult who got away with it, because of the way Florida laws were written and interpreted.” Note that Jim declared that Trayvon was a “child,” perpetrating the myth that most of the media used ad nauseum–using a photo when he was 12 years old. Seventeen-year-old Trayvon was a 6 foot 2 inch, 160 pound male (the media reported him as being 140 pounds) while Zimmerman was a pudgy, out of shape 5-foot 7, 28-year-old. He was so stupid that he supported Obama–twice! But he didn’t deserve to have his head pounded into concrete.

Wallis admits that what really happened “will never be known” because a “black boy responded to a strange man who was following him” but Jim goes on to assure us that “it is absolutely clear that racial profiling was present in this whole incident.” (Was it Trayvon who was doing the profiling?) What unmitigated hypocrisy! We can’t know but we do know! No wonder Jim is unreliable in his theology, even bordering on the fringe. His thinking process is convoluted.

Wallis declares that “racial profiling is a sin in the eyes of God,” but he did not get that from the Bible, but then Jim doesn’t get much of his loosey-goosey theology from the Bible.

CBS News interviewed Special Prosecutor Angela Corey (characterized by liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz as “the most irresponsible prosecutor” he’s seen in 50 years!) who said that Martin died because Zimmerman profiled him. No, he died because he broke Zimmerman’s nose and pounded his head into a concrete walk. What else could Zimmerman do, especially when Martin tried to take his gun?

However, let me proceed to proclaim that there is nothing wrong with profiling if circumstances demand it. For example, it is incredibly stupid that we refuse to recognize that we have a huge bunch of religious fanatics determined to kill us. Remember September 11. To watch Homeland Security jerks at airports search and humiliate little old ladies and distinguished veterans in wheel chairs while permitting young, Middle East-looking men to board a plane unexamined is incredible, incredulous, and insane.

Wallis goes on and on and on saying “White parents should ask black parents what they were talking about with their children this weekend.” Obviously they should be telling their sons to attend school each day with their homework done, obey the teachers, get a job, also obey the law and not smoke anything stronger than corn silk or drink anything stronger than tea, and don’t meander around neighborhoods in the dark. And if asked about your presence, answer in a kind, friendly way by saying, “Hello there Mr. Neighborhood Watcher, I’m Trayvon Martin and I’m on my way to purchase some Skittles and tea. Have a good evening.”

Jim then swallows a mouthful of the tepid waters of demagoguery and says, “The spread of legalized carried-and-concealed weapons and the generous self-defense laws that accompany the guns will lead to the death of more black men in particular.” No, that’s not true. There will be more deaths of Blacks and Whites when crimes are being committed that have nothing to do with gun laws. Fact is, where concealed carry laws are legal, the crimes of violence plummet! Wonder why? Could it be because the bad guys know that many good guys are carrying guns and will use them when threatened? Isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t all people be taught that truth?

Struggling to stay afloat in the swirling waters of demagoguery, Jim affirms that White Americans must tell the truth about how the nation failed Trayvon Martin. However, the nation did not fail Martin. In fact, the American system produced justice in the tragedy when the media and a corrupt judicial system were stacked against justice. Trayvon was failed by some elements of the nation possibly his school, his church and for sure, his parents.

And no, Jim, America does not need “multi-racial communities of faith” to show us how to live together. All we need is to follow the clear teachings in the Scripture by living a committed, clean, consecrated Christian life. People are looking for perfect racial/cultural harmony, i.e., no racial/cultural divides. That won’t happen as long as there are sin-cursed people around. Yes, Christians should be examples of “how things ought to be” but others can’t replicate it, because they don’t have what it takes, which is a new life in Christ.

Racism in George Zimmerman has been propounded and promoted, but not proved (quite the contrary); but Jim Wallis has proved that he is a sanctimonious, hypocritical racist. And not much of a biblical theologian.

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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