Gordon College and all Christian Colleges Must Jump Through the Hoops!

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The Federal Government and the regional accrediting associations are in control of education and will enforce radical, immoral, unscriptural regulations upon all religious educational institutions. At this moment, Gordon College which is near Boston is under the gun because they are critical of fornication and homosexual activities among staff and students. Can you believe a Christian College would be so narrow-minded and demanding?

A recent Gordon graduate stated “The current policy creates a sense of fear for LGBTQ students and is psychologically harmful to those in the community” and added “Campus should be a safe place for all students.” Of course, all students should be physically safe on all campuses but the question that demands an answer is, “Why are practicing homosexuals permitted to be students in a Christian college?” Moreover, even if homosexuals are permitted, is it prima facie evidence that a prohibition against immorality (fornication or perversion) results in an unsafe atmosphere?

Gordon officials want to quell any rumors and concern about the school’s status since that would have devastating effects on enrollment and fundraising. If Gordon College is now under the regulators’ gun it could lose its organizational stamp of approval. Gordon must fix whatever needs fixing before September. It is a fact that the accrediting agency does not like Gordon (or any college) prohibiting “homosexual practice” and the banning of “sexual relations outside of marriage.” A committee, during an 18-month “period of discernment” has been looking for a way to fix the problem. A working group includes students (one is homosexual), faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees who will read books and meet with experts to fix the problem.

Just a minute. It won’t take 18 months since the “period of discernment” can be accomplished in 18 seconds. I’m a very simple person so I’m simplistic at times. A question must be asked: Are homosexuality and fornication forbidden by the Bible? Any third-rate Bible scholar would admit that fact, although maybe without enthusiasm. So, another question: Is it permissible for a Christian institution to make flagrant decisions in disobedience to His Word? Another question: Why does it take 18 months or 18 minutes? Gordon’s answer to the accrediting agency must be “Go pound sand.” Now, that is not an academic reply but it is an audacious, admirable, and accurate reply.

Can any Christian college president and Board of Trustees permit an accrediting agency or the Federal Government to interfere, supervise, and mandate rules for them? Of course, the answer should be “no,” however, that is a lost cause. The fact is, those very school officials capitulated many years ago when they decided they needed the secular stamp of approval upon their schools. It is called accreditation. Almost all Christian colleges have sought and received government approval through regional accreditation.

Christian educators know that parents are uninformed and have been brainwashed into believing that accreditation and qualification are synonymous. So Christian educators drank the grape Kool-Aid many years ago and some of them said to me as they wiped their quivering lips, “We will go along with accreditation as long as they don’t tell us how to run our school, what to teach, and what textbooks to use.” Of course, that is exactly what happened. Those same people did respond to the iron fist by wringing their hands, whining, and whimpering but they adjusted to the surrender of their basic educational and scriptural principles. They sold out to get handouts from government such as grants, loans, and other benefits, enabling students to receive government funds.

Today, Christian college registrars cannot even inform the tuition-paying parents the status of their children‘s education unless the student signs a consent form! Parents are fools to pay tuition without that signed consent form. Required chapel attendance has been forsaken and, generally, school officials are walking through a minefield of government and accrediting association regulations.

Some of us in Christian education said many years ago that what government (at any level) funds, it runs; and if you take the government’s nickel, you will get their noose. Christian educators took the chance and now operate with a noose, loose in some cases, but a noose around their necks while standing on a weak, wobbly, wormy, and worthless scaffold called accreditation.

Now comes the next step when the Federal bureaucracy, not just the state or an accreditation agency, can set the guidelines for any school that awards a degree, diploma or certificate. Federal educational thugs can determine what courses must be taught for each degree, what constitutes a credit hour, how many hours a professor may teach, and what books will be used. And on and on and on.

Can any Christian college president justify permitting any agency to interfere in the discipline of students (sounds quaint, doesn’t it) and to set standards for those students? How about a college’s stand on abortion, homosexuality, fornication (very quaint), and other “sins”? Therefore, those colleges that decide not to abide by new regulations (that may not be too intrusive at the beginning) can expect to lose tax exemption, all student loans, grants, and any benefit from state and Federal Government.

School officials will have to jump through government hoops in order to satisfy the federal bureaucrats and even fools know that federal bureaucrats are never satisfied.

All presidents of Christian colleges had better practice jumping because there are numerous hoops they must jump through to satisfy state, federal, and regional accrediting dictates. And note that dictates is not far from dictators.

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