Gordon College and all Christian Colleges Will be Destroyed by Accreditation!

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Anyone with a smattering of historical knowledge must admit the truth regarding school accreditation. Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, University of Chicago, etc., were at one time great schools where truth was important and political correctness was unknown and would have been eschewed like good theology at a liberal church or like a ham sandwich at a Muslim pot luck dinner.

However, we don’t have to look in the past or to secular universities to prove the deleterious effects of school accreditation. Simply look at the present. Look what accreditation has done and is doing to Wheaton College, Moody, Cedarville University, Grace Seminary, Tennessee Temple University, and to a lesser extent Bryan College, Dallas Seminary, and others.

Gordon College, near Boston, is now on the defense being attacked by their regional accreditation association. Of course, accreditation alone is not the culprit; however, it is the accreditation mentality of being approved that is driving change–for the worse– in all schools.

America’s early Christian schools boasted scholarly, saintly, sober professors who pumped knowledge and tried to impart character into very young students. A young teen seeking enrollment at Columbia (then King’s) as a freshman had to translate the first three of Tully’s Select Orations from Latin to Greek and translate the first ten chapters of John’s Gospel from Greek to English! Note that was to enroll!

The only accreditation the early schools had was the quality of students they thrust out after a rigorous exposure to some of the greatest minds in America. Then came the do-gooders who thought they had a divine mandate to control everything to “guarantee” quality education. So the restrictions came and the quality plummeted.

Today’s Christian universities think they will be an exception but the historical scenario is playing out in front of our eyes. With regional accreditation has come the demand that professors hold a Ph.D. from various schools, not schools in agreement with the hiring institution. Note that Baptist schools have professors trained at outrageously liberal universities and seminaries. Of course, schools are not permitted to teach the truth about creation/evolution in their science classes.

Student personal requirements were deep-sixed so tobacco, booze, gambling, dancing, piercings, etc., are permitted while required chapel, godly living, church attendance, and weekly Christian service are proscribed. In fact, such things are considered antiquated, even appalling.

Charges have circulated for months that Gordon College was under the gun of regulators from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC); nevertheless, Gordon’s spokesman says that accreditation is not in question: “Contrary to recent media reports, Gordon’s accreditation is not in jeopardy, as its admission and employment policies have always been in full compliance with the NEASC Standards for Accreditation….”

However, Barbara Brittingham, president of the NEASC’s higher education commission told the Boston Business Journal, that the school’s current “Life and Conduct Statement” which bans Gordon community members from “sexual relations outside marriage” and “homosexual practice,” may be “inconsistent with the commission’s standards.”

Brittingham told me that she knows of no college that has refused to capitulate to an accreditation association’s demand for an atmosphere that is friendly to fornicators and homosexuals, and using the First Amendment as their reason. Does that mean all other Christian colleges have eliminated their “no fornication, no homosexuality” rule? Or does it mean they are still under the radar?

Opposition to Gordon’s policy on sex also comes from students, faculty, alumni and local residents who have signed an online petition to remove the words “homosexual practice” from the school’s list of forbidden activities. About half of the 1100 signatures are alumni and 200 are faculty and staff! One does not need a doctorate in education to know that Gordon is in deep doo doo when such a high percent of workers support the LGBTQ position!

I’m afraid the young president, Michael Lindsay, is on his way out if he does not capitulate to the perversion-is-okay crowd. He should keep his eyes open for specials from U-Haul.

Furthermore, it is folly to permit students, faculty, alumni, and local residents to set standards for a Christian school! Local residents! Yeah, hey everyone, let’s vote on what is right and wrong!

However, Bible truth is not decided by a majority vote. God is a benevolent dictator and He does not allow a deciding vote–only a choice between obedience and disobedience.

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