My Position on Trump Disappointing to Friend!

One of my oldest and dearest friends is disappointed in me for my advocacy for Trump and for being critical of those who support anyone but him. I had given my reasons for voting for Trump in a recent column: a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote to kill more babies, much higher taxes, the perverted rainbow flag waving over the White House, disastrous Supreme Court Justices that will be foisted upon our children and grandchildren for generations, etc. You get the idea.

My momma taught me to be careful about the crowd I run with and when I consider the crowd supporting Hillary, I am reassured my decision is the right decision. My friend does not support her but if he votes for anyone but Trump, I believe in effect, he would be supporting Hillary. My Never-Trump friends are going to vote for a third party and that is far better and more principled than not voting. Hillary is supported, almost fanatically by the media, academia, the low-life entertainment industry, the corrupt and disreputable Democrat Party and the corrupt and disreputable Republican Party, the Communist Party, National Association of Women, labor unions, George Soros, Jerry Springer, Whoope Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Hefner, porn “stars” Jenna Jameson and Tiger Tyson, and on and on and on.

However, for a person like my principled friend to cast a vote that would result in Hillary being in control he would have to be highly principled since he knows of the practical consequences.

I told my friend that I was not critical of his principles but of his decision. The fact is he is as principled as I am or more so. He has been far more consistent on this issue than I. I have been up and down, in and out, off and on, for and against Trump and have wrestled more with this than anything else. Both my friend and I want to do the right thing. He is not willing to choose between bad and badder, leaving the results up to God. That is very principled and I respect that decision without agreeing it is the best decision. I am willing to choose between bad and badder, leaving the results up to God. God used very wicked leaders in the past such as Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus the Great, and others.

There is a biblical incident that speaks to this issue. The most shocking and important event in the life of the Hebrew nation happened following the death of King Solomon. He had reigned over a massive empire that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Euphrates. Nobles came from the known world to see the magnificent city of Jerusalem and especially the Temple that was unrivaled in the world. Solomon was known for his wealth, wisdom, wives, wine, writings, wickedness, and his works. Wow, what a builder Solomon was. His son Rehoboam was a spoiler.

Because Solomon turned his back on God, God turned his back on him and God told him He would rend the kingdom from him and give it to another. Jeroboam was not royalty but he was a “man of valour.” He had been employed by Solomon to superintend the improvements and buildings at Millo. He would become king of a divided nation ruling the nation of Israel in the northern part of the country.

Solomon had spent huge sums of money to beautify the city and the people were almost in revolt but refused to do so out of respect for his father David and respect for the kingdom. Rehoboam was David’s son and heir to the throne but his advisors were tax and spend liberals. The older level-headed, conservative dudes advised him to not follow his daddy’s tax plan. They promised him the people would “be thy servants forever” if they got some relief from their tax burden; however, Rehoboam listened to the young progressives and promised to increase their tax burden! Not very smart. The people fled to their tents in disgust. They were willing to be ruled, but not to be ridden.

The kingdom split like a ripe watermelon with Israel consisting of ten tribes ruling from Samaria and Judah and Benjamin ruling as Judah from Jerusalem. What must be remembered is that while the machinations involved in this tragic division were wicked, the outcome was God’s will. The human reason for the division was tax and spend liberals. They are always with us.

Had I been there, I and my friend would have stayed with Rehoboam even with his haughtiness, harassment, and zero humility and would have paid the exorbitant taxes. We would not have chosen to leave God’s chosen city Jerusalem and the Temple. We would have choices. After all, I sure would not want to live under Jeroboam and his two golden calves at Dan and Bethel and support false priests and a fraudulent altar. Rehoboam, likewise, apostatized permitting the high places and the sodomites. There was a choice between bad and very bad–as always.

Donald Trump may do, or try to do, everything he promised to do. Or he may be a fraud, a farce, and a fool. It is doubtful that he will be as radical, rebellious, and reckless as Jeroboam.

After all, he has to give an account to the American people–and Bobby Knight!

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