Obama or Romney Could Win in 2012 With this Speech! Part I

My fellow Americans, if you choose me as your president I will lead this nation to implement the following principles, policies, and practices at home and abroad:

This nation will follow a new foreign policy that will solve the problem of terrorism. We will return to our roots and follow the wise advice of our Founding Fathers. We will no longer get entangled in foreign alliances. We will no longer meddle in the affairs of other nations nor consider ourselves the policeman of the world. We will always consider our national interests first. We will not presume that we know what is best for other countries. What may be “best” for us may not be best for them.

Since America has been attacked by Muslim fanatics, we have aggressively gone after those responsible; however, we will no longer try to topple governments and set up democracies. Of course, we will always encourage liberty everywhere. We will not carpet-bomb cities filled with innocent civilians. We do not believe “total war” is morally right or militarily justified. However, be assured those culpable individuals will be punished as a deterrent to others.

Americans don’t hate Muslims or anyone else since it is wrong and unproductive to hate; however, we will no longer plead with Muslims, at home and abroad, to love us. We will no longer express guilt and self-loathing. Federal officials will no longer try to prove that Americans are not racists. It is up to Muslims to prove they are not terrorists! And no American President should ever bow to any Muslim leader or any world leader! Never! A sincere smile and simple nod or handshake will suffice.

I will order the Department of Homeland Security that no traveller will be mistreated; however, since all the attacks against us have been young, Muslim men, we will do the reasonable thing and profile all travellers. The harassment of little old ladies, very young people, and handicapped persons will no longer be our practice especially since not one terrorist has been discovered using those tactics! We will still be alert to terrorists with special attention to those of Middle Eastern appearance.

Moreover, I have authorized the use of troops on our southern border to secure that border and arrest, fingerprint, and photograph each alien before he or she is deposited forthwith back in Mexico. Any second offenders will be imprisoned and put to work on a Texas or Arizona work or chain gang. Furthermore, any American firm that knowingly hires an illegal alien will be heavily fined. Following a second offense, their business license will be revoked.

Furthermore, as of today, we have shut the welfare window. No more foreign aid to any nation. We may decide in the future that it is in our best interest to help some nation, but it will be temporary and as unusual as a Miami snowstorm in July.

We will also start bringing our troops home from all over the world. They will be sent to foreign nations only in event of declared war or in the interests of the U.S. This is not isolationism but it is an “America First” policy. Any other policy is insane. Japan, Germany, and the 120 nations where our troops are now stationed must now protect themselves. It’s about time.

As to the Middle East, we don’t know what is best! Israel has been a long-time friend of the U.S. We will support their right to exist within secure borders, and support their right to defend themselves against those who want to “drive them into the sea.” We will not support a Palestinian state carved out of Israel but would support a separate state if it is carved out of surrounding Muslim-dominated nations.

We have disagreements with both the Israelis and the Palestinians. They both have good arguments for their positions, but they have both acted at times, uncivilized, unreliable, and undemocratic. They must settle their own affairs, with or without the assistance of surrounding nations. Basically I am saying, “You are both right and wrong.”

I pray to the God of the Bible that the Israelis and the Arab world will solve their differences, but they will do so without U.S. assistance.     (To be continued tomorrow.)

Muslim Invasion

The Fuse is Burning!

by Don Boys, Ph.D.

Muslim Invasion

Muslin Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is an interesting, informative, and for the politically correct and infuriating read. Islam, Muslims, immigration, Jihad, Sharia, and the war against our civilization, culture, and creed is a present reality. Gutless public officials are selling us short either by complicity with the enemy or due to a doctrinaire commitment to idiotic tolerance ideology. Whatever the case, citizens must stand up against the invasion now before it is to late. The author suggests that the fuse is burning and the results will end in a complete upheaval of America and every free nation, unless we act now. Forget the lame stream media. Forget Obama. Common sense mandates, our very survival demands that we act NOW to keep America from going off the cliff; This book promises to be a life changing read.

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