Obama or Romney Could Win in 2012 With this Speech! Part II

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Americans are dependent upon others for oil that keeps our businesses operating, planes and cars moving, homes, schools, and hospitals at a liveable temperature, and literally keeps us from living in a Third World nation. If oil stops flowing, Americans stop living, and we depend on foreign radical kings, dictators, presidents-for-life and others to keep our lights on. That is not smart.

As to our dependence on Middle East oil, on my first day in office, we will start drilling in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and off the coast of California and will immediately expand the mining of our vast coal supplies. We will try to be sensitive to the environment; however, I believe that people are more precious than plants or bugs or snakes or fish or spotted owls. Our drilling equipment may cause a caribou here and there to abort her young or a bear may singe its rear end on our pipeline, but we will live with those tragedies. American oil will flow. Moreover, of course, we will still buy oil from South America and even Middle Eastern nations; however, we will not buy oil from states that support terrorists.

Our refusal to buy their oil will result in an increase in their supply; however, we will not acquiesce to their demand. They can pour their excess oil over their pancakes each morning for all we care. Or drink it! This government will no longer pretend that terrorist leaders, kings, dictators, etc., are gracious gentlemen, nor will American officials shake their hands while smiling like idiots. Let me reiterate that we will never bow to them.

We will increase our use of clean-burning natural gas that we possess in abundance (and that should make our tree-hugger friends happy) plus we will agree to build the Keystone pipeline that will produce much needed oil and jobs for Americans. Furthermore, we will encourage American entrepreneurs by tax incentives and other measures to pursue the development of alternative fuels.

Individual households and businesses can be assured that taxes will be cut, not raised while we pay off our national debt by eliminating the Energy Department, Commerce Department, Education Department, and hundreds of unnecessary and overlapping commissions that harass and limit private enterprise. Government assistance will be ended or curtailed to only the neediest cases.

We have some difficult days ahead that will require an adjustment by all of us. Nevertheless, we see a bright future after a few years of sacrifice. My administration will keep you informed since you are the Boss. You fund our world travels and generous salaries as you do for all Federal employees.

One new law I will pursue is to make it a federal crime for any federal worker to lie to any American citizen, for whatever reason. After all, if it is illegal for a citizen to lie to a federal official, it should be illegal for any federal employee to lie to the people who pay their generous salaries. That is one bill I will sign with undisguised gusto.

This administration take our jobs seriously; therefore, we promise that any further bills that come to the Oval Office from the Congress must meet five criteria to qualify for passage: It must be constitutional. It must be necessary. We must be able to afford the proposed law. It must not expand government and limit individual liberty. The last criterion is that it must not undermine the family, decency, and general morality. If a bill does not pass those five criteria, it will not get the required signature.

I don’t expect to sign many new bills.

No doubt there are knees jerking all across America (left ones, of course) and those people can cast their vote for leaders that will reflect their beliefs in the next election. But be assured that if I am your choice for President then I will keep my promises. And may the God of the Bible bless America! Finally, during this Christmas season when we honor the birth of Jesus Christ who died to provide a way of salvation for sinners, may I wish the best for you and your family. Good night to everyone.

Of course, like former President Bush, Obama does not have the convictions, courage, or character to make such a statement. Moreover, I doubt Romney has what it takes to declare the above. However, he could probably win with it, but so could any Republican though none have the backbone to make the speech.

It seems all politicians need a spinal transplant!

In November, we will have to live with what we get. God help America!

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