Pious Preachers Promote Pernicious Propaganda: Building Bridges Between Islam and Christianity!

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I love preachers who have character, compassion, and concern for others, but I have disapproval, disdain, and disgust for those think they are called to “build bridges” rather than preach the Word, the whole Word, not only the Gospel, to a dying world. Paul told us to “preach the word…reprove, rebuke, exhort…” “Exhort” means to advise strongly or urge earnestly. However, when we reprove, rebuke and exhort we usually become controversial and Heaven knows preachers must never be controversial! We are told that modern preachers must never make people feel uncomfortable. However, I think that is exactly what we must do: Preaching truth will make people mad, sad, or glad, and principled preachers don’t adjust their message to satisfy their hearers. They challenge their hearers to adjust their lives to fit the message!

Since the terrorist attacks on America, many blinded eyes have miraculously received sight concerning incompetent government and irrational religion, but until I’m proved wrong, I still believe most Americans (including preachers) are using a white-tipped cane as they walk the streets. Before the dust and smoke cleared from the 9/11 attacks, religious leaders stumbled over each other to get to television cameras to absolve Islam from any guilt. In doing so, they displayed political correctness and personal cowardice. They will be recognized as cheerleaders for our destruction. Those sickly, smiling clergymen wearing panty hose, lace around their shirts, and sniffing French perfume from frilly handkerchiefs were poor examples of American leaders.

Most Americans want leaders with hair on their chests, bone in their backs, and a brain in their heads. Many clergymen lack all three. Leaders who are afraid of adverse public opinion and being labeled “conservative” (gasp!) or “Fundamentalist” (gasp! gasp!) are moral cripples who are not aware of their limp and crooked walk. Such leaders, in a crisis, are as useless as a milking stool under a bull. When courageous leaders such as Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jerry Vines, Pat Robertson, and others spoke the truth about Islam, unprincipled politicians, preachers, and pundits fled from them like the mythical vampire flees the rising sun.

Soft religious leaders are now “building bridges” (of mist) between Christianity and Islam, and the uninformed attempting to use that “bridge” of mist will fall into the noxious swamp below.

With all the violence in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Nigeria, etc., there are a plethora of attempts to bring Muslims and Christians to some understanding to promote security, stability, and safety. However, we must never lie or play “let’s pretend” in order to produce a temporary peace. Any kind of understanding between Islam and Christianity must be understood in the light of Islam’s history, the Koran, and the Bible.

People who know history know that Islam was born and bred in blood. Immediately following Mohammed’s death, the hatred, intrigue, schisms, and killings began and have continued to today. It would be profitable for the Muslims to permanently agree to stop killing each other since it is known that Sunnis and Shiites hate each other with a passion. They will call a temporary truce in order to cooperate in killing a few infidels.

It is astounding that religious leaders would come to the defense of a religion that produced so many massacres of innocent people, but men such as television preacher Robert Schuller, Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church, David Gushee, Mercer University professor, J. Brent Walker of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, and others have formed the League of the Willfully Blind. With missionary zeal, they are defenders of the “peaceful” religion of Islam! They all should walk with white tipped canes or Boy Scouts really should help them cross the streets.

Pious preachers like those above would rather appear tolerant than right. They have become the deaf, dumb and blind priests of feel-good religion. I have enormous pity for them. They could accomplish so much good, but instead are doing irreparable harm, but no doubt they feel warm and fuzzy. Maybe they should try to “build bridges” between Islam and the thousands of widows and orphans of those who died in Muslim attacks. See if that works.

Rather than build bridges between the two religions, it will be better to live and let live: Let Christians continue to live godly lives, telling the glorious message of the cross and empty tomb and telling how faith in Jesus Christ saves while Muslims can tell all who will listen that following Mohammed saves. Both claim to be the exclusive truth so let each peacefully tell their story and people can decide whether salvation comes from Jerusalem or Mecca. Mixing and confusing the truth is bad for both.
Trying to mix Christianity and Islam is like mixing ice cream and camel dung in a blender. It won’t hurt the manure but will ruin the ice cream.

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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