Reparations: Should Blacks be Paid for Slavery?

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The on-rushing bandwagon labeled “reparations” is full of explosives and will cause more racial fireworks than forced busing for school integration! The United Nations demanded that the U.S. pay Blacks for holding other Blacks as slaves and to compensate for recent police shootings of Blacks! The report was produced by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on African Descent and strongly condemned America’s “racist” history. Some African nations have demanded payment for their loss of population during slavery! What are these people smoking?

The UN group even likened the police shootings of Blacks in recent months to KKK lynchings! Devotees to reparations are expecting Obama to give birth to reparations by executive order before he leaves the White House. If he does so, it will support the charge that he is a dictator with a Harvard degree. He will also set off a massive explosion that will continue to tear America apart.

Reparation groups have been meeting for years demanding that “Whitey” pay for mistreated of Blacks more than 150 years ago. I think we overpaid reparations in blood when more than 700,000 Americans lost their lives resulting in freeing the slaves plus the trillions of dollars in welfare and affirmative action in recent years. Of course, no white person is alive who participated in the evil of slavery and no black victims are alive either. So, it’s a standoff. Let’s all go home.

Several black American groups are seeking reparations from the United States government for the time their alleged ancestors spent as slaves. The African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission is demanding an astronomical $777 trillion! When pigs learn to fly in formation and do somersaults over the White House!

Radical blacks have demanded that U.S. taxpayers pay the descendants of slaves a suggested $100,000 each! But it gets worse because black leaders know they can parlay white guilt into much more cold cash. Hundreds of people attended the National Reparations Convention in Chicago on February 2-4 of 2001 where Howshua Amariel proposed that Blacks should receive free education, free medical care, free legal advice, and free financial aid with no taxes and if they wish to immigrate to Africa, they would each receive a million dollars!

H. Khalif Khalifah, founder of the National Black Reparations Alliance website, boldly declares, “There are no bad black people” and “Keep white people out of our membership ranks.” Check out the résumés of the major preachers and promoters of this scam. Many Black radicals such as screwy Louie Farrakhan, Congressman John Conyers, Father Divine, Johnnie Cochran, Elijah Muhammad, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Randall Robinson, etc., have supported reparations. Many Black Muslims are demanding a slice of the pie.

Of reparations, The Washington Post admitted, “The subject is scalding hot, untouchable as public policy. Even the brave run from it.” Yes, it is “scalding hot” but no, some of us are not running from this illegal, immoral, and incredible shakedown. And, make no mistake, it is just that: a shakedown, swindle, a scam of major proportions.

Furthermore, slavery was legal in the U.S. until 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment. Consequently, there were no laws broken. That is unless our black friends want to make slavery a crime retroactively.

Let’s establish some facts as a foundation for this discussion. Slavery has been a reality since the early days of civilization for a simple reason: Men are inherently wicked. Theologians call it “sin” that came down to us through our parents from Adam and Eve. Although far more whites have been enslaved than Blacks, that makes little difference in this discussion except for the record.

It is also a fact that black African chiefs enslaved their own people, marched them in chains to the west coast of Africa and sold them to Arab, Portuguese, English, and American traders. When the white slavers refused to pay the black slave traders’ asking price, the chiefs simply refused to sell. They knew how to get their price. It’s called waiting. The white slavers pouted in their ships just off shore as their food and water were depleted. Eventually, they capitulated and paid the asking price. The slaves were then distributed all over the world.

I also want to make clear that no slaves are alive today in America. If there were, I would agree that they be compensated. When I wrote AIDS: Silent Killer in 1987, I dealt with the now infamous Tuskegee study where black men were used and abused in medical experiments for many years by the U.S. Government. On numerous national and local talk shows, I advocated the prosecution of all responsible U. S. officials still alive and reparations for the few black men still living. But no slaves are alive today and it is insane to suggest any kind of payment after 150 years. Besides, that bill has been paid!

There are other problems: Who funds the scam and who profits from the scam? Since the money would come from the general U.S. Treasury then all taxpayers would be paying. That means Blacks would be paying for their own reparations! It also means that recent immigrants would be paying as well as descendants of those who arrived in America since the Civil War and had no connection to slavery. Furthermore, Northerners would be paying reparations when 350,000 of their distant relatives died “to free the slaves”! By what logic can that be justified? Since only one in five Southern families owned slaves why should all southerners pay for slavery perpetrated by others? Should American Indians pay reparations since they were here before Whites or slaves? Of course, some Indians owned black slaves and even ate them during bad times!

Then there is the task of determining what Blacks qualify for payment. All Blacks did not descend from slave parents. If one could justify reparations for Blacks who are descendants of slave families, how do we know which Blacks are descendants of slaves? Many present-day Blacks are descendants of free Blacks! Some Blacks would be receiving money for mistreatment that did not involve them or their relatives. That is dishonest. It is all based on self-identification–not reliable when big bucks are involved.

There is another problem that is unknown by most Americans: About 3,775 Blacks owned slaves in the South so how do we differentiate between those living Blacks who had ancestors who were slaves and those whose ancestors were not slaves but were in fact, slaveholders? By paying money (ripped from hard-working taxpayers of all races) to Blacks whose ancestors owned slaves, we would be rewarding slavery.

Many Americans are aghast at the possibility that Blacks actually owned their own people, but it is a fact of history. The American Heritage magazine cited the 1830 U.S. Census: “There were 3,775 free blacks who owned 12,740 black slaves! The father of American slavery was Anthony Johnson of Northampton, VA. His slave was named John Casor who was the first slave for life. Both owner and owned were black!” (Philip Burnham, “Selling Poor Steven,” American Heritage, Feb./Mar. 1993, Vol. 44, p. 90.)

But the Johnson case is even more tangled because he (and other Blacks) also held white slaves! Johnson (died 1670) was an Angolan slave who lived in the colony of Virginia. He was an indentured servant, as were most white workers in early Virginia, and earned his freedom and became a wealthy tobacco farmer. He bought the contracts of five indentured servants (four were white and one black). As bad as this was, it was usually not racist but economic. So, in the Days of Reparations how are we going to pay the descendants of the white slaves or don’t those slaves matter?

But in the end, I must endorse reparations! Every living slaveholder should go to prison for life and every living slave should receive one million dollars. That should take care of that.

Now I can go home since I solved that problem.

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