The Enemy: Christians or their Critics?

In recent months the media and various non-thinking leftist politicians (in both parties) are dismayed about so many Christian candidates running for president in the Republican Party. While we can’t know for sure, we can look at the evidence and the evidence suggests rather strongly that the liberals hate those people who are outspoken about their faith in Jesus Christ. Cruz speaks comfortably about being “Born Again” and Carson and Huckabee proudly profess faith in Christ.

Of course, it is not politically correct to attack Muslims, atheists, witches, and others who get a free pass, but not Christian conservatives. Christian politicians must justify why they are believers and why they think evolution is a folly, falsehood, and farce. They even believe that abortion is baby killing! Gasp!

Liberals have whined for years about evangelical and fundamentalist Christians who spoke out on moral and political issues while liberals have been pontificating for fifty years on the same issues—all from the left. They fawned all over religious leftists such as Martin Luther King Jr., the Berrigan brothers, the Rev. Drinan, William Slone Coffin, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter, etc., but when those of us on the right got involved in the political process, in any way, we were a threat to the Constitution! Hypocrites! Are Christians the enemy to freedom or are liberal critics the enemy?

Liberals have problems with real Christianity because political liberals are also religious liberals. You don’t think so? Quickly, name me three political liberals who are outspoken, unambiguous, clean-living Christians. All right, name one.

Liberals do have religion, but it is bloodless and Christless. The liberals’ Pope is Obama, their High Priest is Harry Reid (who, I hear, is writing a book on character—should be the shortest book in literary history); their Holy Place is Washington; their mission program is telling the world that Government saves. We already know it provides.

Have you noticed that when a conservative gets elected to public office, he always feels compelled to “reach out” to liberals, and hire them as advisors? (That’s like hiring Dracula to treat a bloody neck!) What possible profit can there be in “reaching out” to liberals and polluting an office with their discredited advice? All “conservatives” have done this—Nixon, Reagan and Bush I and II. In fact, at the close of Reagan’s term of office, he had appointed more members of the Trilateral Commission/Council on Foreign Relations than did Jimmy (“I will never lie to you”) Carter! I wouldn’t hire a liberal to walk my dog!

Liberals have never built anything, except the United Nations. Name me any other organization the liberals have established. Beginning with Harvard University (built by Bible-believing Christians and taken over by Unitarians), the liberals built nothing, but they wormed their way into organizations and took them over. Liberals don’t build, they burrow, bungle, and burgle.

Slowly the tide is turning. Some Americans are beginning to recognize the media as “news twisters” and are beginning to ask questions and even question authorities. Major newspapers and magazines have folded while others are gasping for breath and running out of ink. The television networks are struggling to stay above water. Every year more and more people are getting their information from the Internet as I do starting with,,, the and scores of other conservative sites. Additionally, government is looked upon as a wildfire out of control, and that is good as long as it does not produce anarchists and haters of legitimate government.

But the kitty is out of the sack: liberals cannot be trusted, whether they are theological liberals with clerical collars or political liberals with lace handkerchiefs, silk gloves and a New England accent. Liberals keep booking passage on the Titanic, and it wouldn’t be so bad except they insist on all of us going along for the cruise. But I don’t want to go, nor do I want to pay for the “cruise.”

The revolt slowly is creeping in like a tide. Christians and conservatives are beginning to push back the audacious advance of liberalism. We have rejected mainstream media and carefully get information from Internet sites. We see our responsibility to truth, common sense, and our children. I don’t want my grandchildren to ask me at my 85th birthday party what it was like being free and secure in the old days of America. Nor do I want them to ask, “Grandpa, what did you do to keep America free, strong and independent?”

We should recognize liberals as the “enemy” but we must love them without buying the gold bricks they’ve been peddling around this nation for more than 50 years. Liberals are the enemy to Bible Christianity and a healthy, happy, and harmonious America.

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Fact, Fraud or Faith?

by Don Boys, Ph.D.


Only an uninformed fanatic says that evolution or creation can be proved scientifically. Christians believe in creationism because we believe in the veracity of the Bible but we also have scientific evidence to support our position. In every debate I’ve had with evolutionary scientists, the arrogant, asinine accusation is made, “Well, evolution is scientific while creationism is religion.” Evolution is about as scientific as a voodoo rooster plucking ceremony in Haiti. Almost.

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