The Episcopalians and the National Cathedral Are Digging their Own Grave!

The Daily Caller reported that the governing body of the Episcopalian Diocese of Washington, D.C., meeting at the National Cathedral, approved three very controversial measures: (1) to adopt gender neutral pronouns for God, (2) to embrace transgenderism, and (3) to promote open borders. They passed the three resolutions within an hour! Evidently, they didn’t have much deliberation, discussion, or debate. I suggest that their leftwing action is the reason that the Washington church and the whole Episcopal denomination are as dead as the Church in Sardis as recorded in Revelation 3:1: “I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.”

Sardis was an ancient city in modern Turkey, capital of Lydia and the first city in that part of the world. The city was fabulous, famous, and flourishing, and the church is said to be the result of the Apostle John’s ministry. Christ said that he knew their works; they had a good reputation but it was empty and dead. The Sardis church continued to function as it had since its illustrious beginning but it had long been dead, not unlike most churches today.

Christ warned the church to repent or He would remove them. They didn’t and He did. The church has been long gone and the city is a wasteland today. That is what is going on in many mainline denominations, especially the Episcopal denomination of which the Washington National Cathedral is a member.

The Episcopal denomination’s website does not reveal the Gospel of Christ but it does endorse the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative, LGBT propaganda, liberation theology, social justice, earth worship, and racial reconciliation! Such radical views are reflected in the Episcopal News Service report that the R. E. Lee Memorial Church in Lexington, Virginia, where Robert E. Lee once served as senior warden will no longer honor the Confederate general in its name. Church officials admitted that the decision has been costly as members, weary of the racial politics, have fled the church.

But, it gets worse at Christ Church of Alexandria, Virginia where George Washington worshipped. He has been repudiated by the removal of a plaque dedicated to his memory. Whistleblower magazine reported that Washington purchased pew number five when the church began in 1773 but it seems the church and the denomination have moved on from Washington’s time. They don’t have time for the old fashioned Gospel of Christ that changes men and determines destiny but plenty of time for Mother Earth, LGBT, liberation theology, racial politics, and other left wing nonsense.

Proving how far left the church is, according to the Whistleblower, one of the four female pastors, former actress Ann Gillespie, closed a sermon with a perverse version of the Apostle’s Creed: “I believe in God, our Mother Bear, source of all being,” and refers to the Virgin Mary as “the bad-a** womanist liberation theologian, Mary.” Ann should have stayed in the movie business. I don’t know about her acting ability but she has a Hollywood mouth and mind.

The recent action by the Episcopal denomination and the National Cathedral was totally apostate and totally unnecessary, as if they have a death wish. The church decided to adopt neutral pronouns for God which is defiant, dangerous, and dumb. God is vigilant about His name. When an Old Testament copyist was copying the Scripture, he would sit in full Jewish dress after washing his body carefully. Then he would carefully wipe his pen before writing the word God and take another bath before writing Jehovah. Even if his king addressed him, he would not respond because of his sacred work.

Obviously, the Episcopalians do not believe that God’s name is important, let alone sacred. That may be one of the most dangerous and wicked things the church and denomination have done.

The second decision of the church was to embrace transgenderism which is one of the most outrageous decisions man has made since the beginning of time. A man can call himself a woman but nothing has changed except in his twisted mind. All he has to do is look down and see that he is still a he. Even if he finds a quack surgeon to chop off some body parts, he is still a man as is evidenced by every gene in his body.

As is demonstrated by Bruce Jenner, no amount of surgery or cosmetics can conceal the broad shoulders, large knuckles, deep voice, and prominent Adam’s apple. Bruce was a handsome man but a homely woman. He and other confused people are simply adults playing a pretend game–a game that is deadly. However, from the beginning of his hallucinations, the media has been in a rush to gush over his/her bravery and courage which says as much about them as it does him/her.

Furthermore, all those who teach children that they can be a different gender by declaring it are doing irreparable harm to those children. I believe in a few years, when society has a seizure of common sense, such people will be charged with child abuse. That would include religious people who, of all people, should know better than to be carried about by every fad that comes down the pike. Those silly but dangerous fads always seem to come from Progressiveville.

The third disastrous decision made by the church is their demand for open borders! Most people would think that a church would demand obedience to law and order rather than dissidence, disobedience and disorder. A nation without borders is not a nation, but then that’s what the leftists want–a nation with no restraints, no rules, no regulations.

Open border fanatics tell us that the U.S. had open borders from its inception until 1882. However, that is not the whole story because in America’s early days, the western frontier was Ohio! Much of America was unexplored, uninhabited, and undeveloped. We needed farmers, carpenters, preachers, teachers, smiths, merchants, salesmen, trappers, and cobblers who came and fell in love with their new nation, learned English, and melted into the pot. But the pot is not melting today. It is now a salad bowl where many different peoples do their own thing and have no interest in the general welfare. They don’t melt but they do sit, sour, and soak up the freebies.

American citizens will hold elected officials responsible for terrorism resulting from their inaction, ineptitude, or incompetence relating to border security. As the numbers grow, the crimes accelerate, and the costs escalate with devastating results.

The horrendous costs will be laid at the feet of cowardly politicians and uninformed or misinformed religious leaders who think they are being broadminded as they demand open borders and amnesty for all.

Since the Episcopal Churches have gone so far off the rails, it is logical that they often do ridiculous things that bring them into even more disrepute. They boast about hosting a “blessing of the animals” and I have looked long and hard and can find no scriptural basis for that silly activity. There is no proof that dogs and animals go to Heaven but it seems some churches are going to the dogs.

Obviously, the Episcopal denomination is dead and should be buried. God will take care of that.

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