The Washington National Cathedral is STILL a Nest of Vipers!

The National Cathedral in D.C. is a magnificent Gothic building but it is full of dead men’s bones. Christ’s comparable term was “whited (whitewashed) sepulcher.” The official name of the church is Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington, but I’m convinced Peter and Paul would not be welcome in their pulpit.

The cathedral’s website boasts that its purpose is “to serve as the spiritual home for the nation. The Cathedral is a national treasure and an architectural feat, a place of stunning beauty built to inspire.” No one asked me to vote on its being “the spiritual home for the nation.” It might be rude or even crude for me to remind my readers that the Episcopal Church was the major opponent of our War for Independence. More than half of their Colonial ministers left their pulpits in disagreement with our demand for a break with England.

A couple years ago, I wrote a column dealing with the Rev. Gary Hall’s leadership of the National Cathedral as Dean and I called it a nest of vipers. I did so because of Hall’s apostasy. Hall retired the last of 2015 and my appellation is still true. His legacy lives on–a nest of vipers. It may be worse!

I wrote, “Hall is a religious rebel without a cause other than the cause of apostasy. He said, ‘No sex before marriage is not realistic.’ He did not try to prove that fornication was Biblical. He has even opened the cathedral for homosexual nuptials! He really jumped into a cauldron of confusion when he opined, ‘It is not only just OK to be gay, straight, bisexual, or transgendered. It is good to be that way, because that is the way God has made you.’ Hall even invited a ‘transgendered priest’ to preach in his pulpit recently. Wonder if he would invite me to preach for him!”

In case you are wondering, he never did and neither did his successor. Maybe someday they will–when pigs learn to fly in formation and do backward somersaults over the White House, maybe.

Hall opined, “Every person is loved by God. We can preach that from the pulpit, but the most emphatic we can say it is to live it by uniting same sex couples in marriage at the altar in our Cathedral.” Of course, God loves everyone, but He has revealed His parameters for sex in  personal and family lives. Homosexuals are simply heterosexuals who refuse to accept His plan for their lives.

At least the church does in public what they teach because Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde and members of the Cathedral’s LGBT ministry group, among others in the diocese marched in the 2016 Capital Pride March “to honor the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.” Hand me a barf bag.

While he was Dean at the church the Rev. Hall identified himself as a “non-theistic Christian,” but that is a silly statement, not scholarly, and certainly not Scriptural. Hall continued to expose his heresy and rejection of Bible truth by saying, “Jesus didn’t try to convert. He just had people at his table.” The leader of a mainline denominational church, even a radical leftist one, should know that Christ said, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Moreover, Christ told Nicodemus that he “must be born again” in order to enter Heaven. Of course, anyone can enter the National Cathedral and most other churches without that qualification.

Recently, The Daily Caller reported that the governing body of the Episcopalian Diocese of Washington, D.C., approved three very controversial measures: to adopt gender neutral pronouns for God, to embrace transgenderism, and to promote open borders. They passed the three resolutions within an hour! More about that in another column. Could a thinking person suggest that such radical, unbiblical, and out-of-the-realm-of-common-sense actions be the reason the Episcopal Church is dying on the vine?

One Episcopal rector, Rev. Alex Dyer, put up banners suggesting the church was “a progressive church for a progressive city” but more appropriately “a dying church for a decadent city.”

The denomination displayed obvious signs of disintegration in 1974 when, despite objections of the denomination’s hierarchy, the church ordained eleven female deacons. It has been downhill ever since at a breakneck speed.

The Rev. Canon Gina Campbell, a divorced female priest, was hired as Canon Precentor of the National Cathedral in September of 2013. In November of 2014, she invited 100 Muslims to say their Friday prayers at the National Cathedral! She said: “This needs to be a world in which all are free to believe and practice and in which we avoid bigotry, Islamaphobia, racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Christianity and to embrace our humanity and to embrace faith.” Obviously, the teaching of the National Cathedral is the antithesis to Christ and the Bible.

Ms. Campbell even had all the crucifixes covered and closed the church to Christian worshipers for four hours. She had armed guards at the church doors to exclude Christians who might want to attend. She even removed the pews so the Muslims would not be offended. She wanted the Muslims to pretend to be in a mosque where they sit and kneel on the floor. When she welcomed the Muslims she said, “Salaam, shalom, peace, you are all so very welcome here….Let us stretch our hearts and let us seek to deepen mercy for we worship the same God.” Maybe she worships that god, but I don’t!

The Muslim cleric, with no attempt at being sensitive to the location and the circumstances, said, “God has no son, that Jesus Christ cannot be his son, and that there is no god like Allah.” It is a wonder the massive cathedral did not fall on his head. Does any sane person think Ms. Campbell will receive a similar invitation to do her thing at the local mosque? Especially if she tells the truth about Islam!

Last week I watched two hours of a dialogue held at the National Cathedral Oct. 26, 2016 dealing with the two Cathedral windows that depict Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson. The Cathedral officials had been wrestling with this for a long time, and in September of 2017, the windows were removed.

The media and the panel discussion I watched were concerned about the windows telling an “incomplete and misleading account of our history. An official said, “”We are committed to finding ways to offer a richer, more balanced expression of our nation’s history.” I’ll buy that; however, I demand some consistency, something that never concerns liberals.

During the panel discussion, the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas, Canon Theologian at the Cathedral spoke approvingly of Nat Turner and another spoke positively of W. E. B. Du Bois. The panelists also agreed that one must know about Thomas Jefferson’s ownership of hundreds of slaves to really know the man. Okay, I’ll accept that but no one seemed concerned to tell the whole story about Turner and Du Bois, so I will. Maybe the panel consisting of two white people and two black people does not know the full story about those two men.

Nat Turner, a black slave in Virginia, was an educated Baptist preacher who always felt destined for greatness and his parents encouraged him, considering him a prophet. They were convinced of that because of certain marks on his head and breast! Turner reported seeing spirits fighting in the sky, and he allegedly heard voices. Being a “prophet” he communicated “revelations” to fellow slaves. One of the “revelations” was to “take up the cause of Christ.” I don’t need to emphasize that these are signs of a nut case not a prophet.

Then, when Mount St. Helens erupted Feb. 12, 1831, nearly 3,000 miles away (most historic reports dealing with Turner wrongly call it an eclipse) the atmospheric conditions convinced Turner that God wanted him to kill his enemies! About seven months later on August 21, 1831, he and other slaves attacked and killed 55 white people including men, women, and children–some as they slept. One victim was a baby in its cradle. Some of the victims were beheaded, including children. The killers used axes, clubs, swords, and guns. Armed citizens confronted the attackers and Turner, after hiding for two months, was captured, tried, and executed by hanging. His corpse was flayed, beheaded, and quartered. It seems the slaveholders wanted to send a message to their slaves.

It is understandable that witless, guilt-ridden Whites and gullible Blacks seek to make every Black a hero but surely ministers of the Episcopalian denomination would not do that. Would they? After all, should not all the pertinent facts about a man, even a black killer, be known? The panel at the National Cathedral did not think so. One of the panelists was an historian but he said not a word!

Another black hero is W. E. B. Du Bois (who insisted on being called, “Dr. Du Bois”) an impressive intellectual who in 1895 was the first Black to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard. He was a founder of the NAACP (most of the executive officers were white) in 1909 and he was hired as editor of their journal The Crisis. He later resigned (some say he was dismissed) in 1934 over his reversal of his segregation position to accepting the “separate but equal” position as a satisfactory goal for Blacks. He had rejected Frederick Douglass’ plea for black Americans to integrate into white society. He also sparred with Booker T. Washington, the number one black leader in America who was highly respected by Whites and Blacks.

Du Bois thought Booker T. Washington was too slow and patient in dealing with segregation. Washington was an accommodator and Du Bois was an agitator. Du Bois was an effective advocate for civil rights but leaned far to the left defending and joining many socialist causes. He taught that capitalism was a major cause of racism. He was a peace advocate and promoted nuclear disarmament. He began to support the Communist Party and warmed to Marx’s atheism and many of Du Bois’ friends and supporters shunned him especially after the FBI continued to investigate his actions, associates, and his advocacies. He ended up joining the American Communist Party, traveled to Russia and China (and praised them), and became a citizen of Ghana, where he died in 1963. Shouldn’t Blacks know those facts when Du Bois is being presented as a Black hero?

It seems many Blacks are careless in choosing their heroes. However, black leaders, especially black leaders who insist on telling the whole truth about Confederate heroes and founding fathers should be very careful about holding up killers and Communists to be emulated by young Blacks! Or, maybe it is racist for me to hold their feet to the fire in this matter. Church leaders should not have consistency forced upon them. Their character should require it.

One headline tells the story of what’s happening: “Episcopalians Continue Bleeding Members, Attendance at Alarming Rate.” However, it seems the denominational bigwigs haven’t connected the dots. Members are fleeing their churches as if their hair is on fire because of the outrageous, anti-biblical, and leftist positions taken by the leadership.

The denomination’s website says nothing about reaching people for Christ with the Gospel but it does boast about their activity on Ash Wednesday of going to the streets, no not with Gospel literature, but to put ashes on the foreheads of people! However, there is no, absolutely no biblical foundation for such a church activity.

However, there is no Bible support for most of what is going on in mainline denominations: a church hierarchy; massive salaries, special clerical vestments, relics, and involvement in leftist political causes.


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