What Evil Must a Politician Do to be Kicked Out of His or Her Church?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should be removed from membership by their respective churches! If I were their pastor, I would have no choice but to confront their unchristian living, request their repentance and if he or she refused, have them voted out of church membership! Being President of the United States has its privileges but being exempt from church discipline is not one.

Their pastors should demand a private meeting with each, without lawyers or secret service agents present and say, “We have been flattered to have you and your spouse as members of our church; however, your Christian life has been called into question and must be dealt with. Many people may agree or disagree with your spending programs; your plans to deal with the immigration time bomb; your tax program; etc. Good people will disagree over those positions, but I am obligated to deal with you as your brother in Christ and as your pastor who must give an account for your souls. I cannot show you any favoritism because of your position as our future president.”

The pastor then should remind them that when they joined the church they knew that it was founded on the Bible, consequently, all members were expected to live according to Biblical precepts; however, both Clinton and Trump have failed to live an exemplary life and have demonstrated no responsiveness, remorse, or repentance.

Clinton’s Methodist pastor should say. “Mrs. Clinton, as your pastor, I only want the best for you and Bill. You will be our President in January and Bill will be the “First Gentleman,” but I am obligated to God and our church as well as to you to deal with you as an erring member. Hopefully, you will repent, make restitution where possible, and return to the Christian path.

“You have embarrassed our church by your fanatical pro homosexual advocacy. It may help you politically but by giving succor to that crowd that needs to know Christ in forgiveness of sins, you encourage them and are a “partaker of [their] evil deeds.” Your position also gives credence to their silly and wrong assertion that they “were born that way.” You must repent and apologize, then keep quiet on the subject. Now, you are to become our president but you don’t have authority to change millennia of Bible teaching that homosexuality is an evil that must be repented of to experience forgiveness and receive the grace of God.

“Hillary we love you but you are embarrassing our church when you indulge in boozing as we observed you guzzling a “boilermaker” with a beer chaser in an Indiana bar. Moreover, when you are in the White House, you must not have any alcohol in any private or formal dinner. If foreign dignitaries don’t like that, then you will have to tell them they can stay home–or drink the water. The Bible clearly teaches that it is wrong to provide alcohol to others. It must stop.

“Furthermore, your cursing fits are legendary especially the one where you threw your Bible at the head of a secret service agent and used the most vulgar curse word. That was one of the most disgraceful episodes in modern history. It requires a private confession and a public apology. Americans must understand that such actions are damaging and disgraceful, if not demented. Moreover, it is not seemly to curse, scream, and throw lamps at Bill. Obviously, you two should have attended our Christian Couples’ Conference last month. You would have found especially helpful the session, ‘Why a Christian Wife Should Never Throw Things at Her Husband!’ and Bill could have been helped by the session, ‘Bad Things Happen When a Man Doesn’t Control His Zipper!’

“Mrs. Clinton, God condemns lying as a horrible sin and you seem to have a graduate degree in lying. One of the Ten Commandments condemns and forbids lying. That is a command of God to the President of the U.S. as it is to the lowliest member of this church. Even if you are sorry for that sin, it must be confessed to our church so our youth and the general public will understand that Christians don’t talk that way, not even the President of the United States. You are not an exception.

“You were far from acting like a Christian when you empowered Bill in his role as sexual predator and even hurt, harassed, and harangued Bill’s victims. You added to their victimhood by your defense of him and intimidation of those innocent ladies.

“Finally, Hillary, you are one of the biggest promoters of baby killing in the world. How you can sleep at night is beyond my comprehension. You must stop any promotion of abortion and do what you can as President to stop the slaughter of the innocent ones. Your abortion position repudiates your membership in this church and frankly in the human race.

“Now, will you pray with me as you confess your litany of sins and leave this office a forgiven sinner walking the path that millions have walked before you? Hillary, where are you going?

“Well, at least she didn’t throw a lamp at me.”

Donald Trump says he is a Presbyterian although he said he attends the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan. He is seldom in any church as was true of Reagan. It should be mentioned that it is a sin to miss church without a good reason. In fact, churches in the seventh century brought church discipline to any member who was absent from church threes services in succession without cause!

Trump’s pastor should commend Trump for his success of late in business and politics then tell him that he must conform to Biblical teaching. “Donald, I am very glad to see you since I don’t see you in church very often. Seriously, Donald, you joined our membership and because of your high visibility, you represent us in everything you do; therefore, I must hold your feet to the fire as I do our lowliest members.

“First of all, you are a bad example for youth when you curse. Your use of hell, damn, and the like are totally unnecessary, uncivil, and unchristian.

“You also must repent of having a baby out of wedlock. It was wrong, a sin that must be repented of as an example to others. You are not above any other member of this church. Being President of the United States and leader of the free world is a temporary position but being a member of this church is spiritual in nature. You do not have a right to sleep around. You must repent and give evidence of that repentance. It will not be acceptable to say, ‘I made a mistake,’ or ‘If I have offended anyone, I’m sorry.’ No, you must admit that you broke your marriage vows, lusted after a woman, and then satisfied your lusts in an ungodly, wicked way.

Donald, you and Melania missed our Christian Couples’ Conference last month and it would have been a great help to your marriage, especially the session, “It is Good for a Man Not to Touch a Woman” based on I Corinthians 7:1.

“Donald, you are doing great damage to families with your casinos where people go to try to get something for nothing. That is not a Christian concept. Moreover, your hotels and resorts sell booze which is forbidden in Scripture. We are warned not to provide strong drink to others. So, you must sell your casinos and stop selling booze in your hotels or leave the membership of this church. Now, will you bow your head in genuine sorrow for your sin, confess that sin to God, and apologize to the church membership this Sunday night for your wicked, willful, and worldly behavior?

“Donald, where are you going?”

All right, that’s enough. I could go on and on and on. Everyone knows neither Trump nor Clinton will stand at the church altar sobbing uncontrollably, confessing sin, as did another head of state thousands of years ago when he cried, “Have mercy upon me , O God…blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin….Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

The two candidates’ pastors do not have the moral courage to call for their repentance, but what is shocking, even alarming is that Fundamentalist and Evangelical leaders are often silent about sin in their membership. Many pastors are critical of Clinton and Trump but permit erring members to continue in sinful living. Where are all the pro-family spokesmen and spokeswomen demanding repentance?

It is my opinion that many Evangelical churches are an appendage of the Republican Party, and their pastors are aging and graceless cheerleaders for the GOP. They are strong on preaching and soft on principle. Too many pastors are hypocrites who can’t even spell principle. Principal, yes; principle, no. Churches used to be the moral compass of America; but instead of a force to be reckoned with, they have become a farce to be ridiculed. Almost all churches fail in exercising church discipline.

Trump and Clinton’s pastor should develop a spine and tell each one, “Either get right or get out.”

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