What is the Spanish Word for Hypocrite?

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Mexican officials have said they want totally open borders so that citizens of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada can freely live, work, and travel wherever they desire. Wonder how many Canadians and Americans would rush to Mexico to work and live? Mexican officials are playing the part of the hypocrite regarding immigration. They don’t practice what they preach!

Mexico and other Central American nations want the poorest of the poor, the densest of the dense, and the sickest of the sick, and the most violent of the violent to come to the U.S. to work because that solves problems that those countries won’t have to handle. Additionally, some of the gatecrashers usually send money back home so everyone wins–except Americans.

Mexico requires people who immigrate to their country to have useful skills and a pension plan from their nation of origin! They also vigorously enforce border control at their southern border! If the U.S. enforced similar laws, the Mexican officials would scream like a stuck pig! How do you say “hypocrite” in Spanish? Mexico is now making a temporary exception giving 72 hour passes for illegals, mostly small children, from nations south of Mexico.

Wonder what would happen if I were caught slipping into Mexico? Do you think they would give me a survival pack and point me toward Acapulco where I could live a bohemian life on the beach? No, I would spend years in a stinking prison, gaining my freedom only after enormous bribes to the proper officials?

It is irresponsible to suggest that a huge influx of low-skilled, under-educated, often hostile gatecrashers will not have a long term, adverse effect on America. Our nation is being changed as you sleep. Now if you don’t mind that and your bleating heart demands that we open our borders to permit anyone access, then so be it. But don’t whine when you can’t get a job or when your taxes are double what they are now, when your kids can’t be educated in an overcrowded public school (where they shouldn’t be anyway), when you see signs in Spanish everywhere you look, and when workers who are supposed to serve you can’t speak English.

My critics whine that children are in danger in their native lands and many of the gatecrashers only want a better life. That may be true; however, does that mean that America must become the social welfare system for the world, as well as the world’s policeman? After all, is there not a limit to what one country can do? Moreover, while John Kerry may be uncomfortable with American “exceptionalism,” why don’t the Central American gatecrashers settle down in Mexico and save themselves all that money for smugglers and all that effort to get to the Rio Grande? They don’t stop in Mexico because it is a corrupt, second-world nation and because they believe the USA is a better destination.

Most Americans don’t realize that we take in over half of the immigrants of the world! Wait a minute, what about England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Russia, China, etc.? If immigration is good for America, then it would be good for other nations, so let’s spread it around so that all countries can benefit!

Pro-immigration voices will accuse me and others of wanting to pull up the ladder once we have climbed aboard the ship. Yes, all nations are nations of immigrants, but just because we have been generous in the past does not mean that we must have no restrictions in the future. After all, every ship has a limit as to the number of passengers it can carry. Pulling in one more passenger may sink the boat! My question for pro-immigration advocates: Should America permit an unlimited number of immigrants? No sane person believes in unlimited immigration!

May I suggest that authorities make a concerted effort to apprehend all illegal immigrants; jail those who are known criminals and expel all others who are “only” gatecrashers? If we picked up only one terrorist in the group, it would be worthwhile. After all, he may be the one planning to drop a bomb over your city or poison your water supply! But how could we remove them? Simply load Mexican illegal aliens in a ship off the California coast, sail to the southern Mexican Coast, and dump them for Mexican officials to deal with. Then give each of the other illegal aliens a one way ticket to the country of their origin or to one of the nations whose leaders whine about the U.S. “pulling up the ladder”!

I suggest that we:

*Pull up the ladder. No more immigration for at least five years.
*Plug all holes in our northern and southern borders even using the military, drones, helicopters, etc.
*Assess large penalties to any employer who hires an illegal alien.
*Recognize that non-citizens do not have the rights that Americans have. Deport all who are here illegally. Fingerprint and photograph them and imprison them if they return.
*Fingerprint and photograph all visitors who come to America from Islamic nations. Fine them heavily if they overstay their visas.
*Reject multiculturalism (that all cultures and religions have equal value to everyone) as anti-American and anti-common sense. We will no longer have a guilt complex and apologize for being Americans.

It was shocking, scandalous, and stupid for Obama to be in Texas and refuse to visit the border. President Bush did a flyover after the Hurricane Katrina disaster and then-Senator Obama attacked him for callously not doing an onsite review of the damage. It was devastating to Bush. During his Colorado/Texas fund-raising trip, Obama played pool but stayed far from the border!

I don’t know if he won the pool game or not, but, for sure, he is now behind the eight ball! He’s a loser and lackey of the left and should be impeached.

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